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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Breast self Examination:

Fig.1: Stand in front of mirror. Disrobe up to Vaist level. Keep your arms on your waist and study your brerast in the mirror.
Observe for changes in your breast size, shape, nipple size, shape, changes in the skin and other new features. If you note any changes, report immediately to your Doctor for further evaluations.

Fig 2: Lift your hands and and observe for changes in your breast.

Fig 3: Lie down flat. Keep a pillow below your shoulder blade. Examine your right breast with left hand and left breast with right hand in small circles as shown in the figure. Feel for any new growths by examining the whole breast including the corresponding armpit.

Fig 4: While taking shower, examine your breast using pulp of fingers as shown in small circles. Squeeze nipple tip and observe the liquid. It should be watery and colourless. If you notice any changes, immediately report it to your doctor.
Note: Counduct Breast Self Examination (BSE) on the 4th day of your Menstrual Cycle every month. Women, who have attained menopause should conduct this on 1st of every month.
Get your self examined by a Surgical Oncologist once a year with out fail.


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